The Main Instrument Models I Make

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Pardessus de Viole

Louis Guersan

Treble Viol

Henry Jaye 1630, Giovanni Maria
Anon c.1600, Barak Norman

Tenor Viol

Antonio Ciciliano, Heinrich Ebert
John Rose 1598, Henry Jaye

Bass Viol

John Rose (Festooned) c.1600
Henry Jaye 1619 &1624, Richard Meares 1660
Barak Norman 1696 & 1713, John Shaw 1673
Richard Blunt 1605, Gasparo da Salo

7 String Bass Viol

Michel Colichon 1691
Nicolas Bertrand 1704

Violin,Viola,Cello Ventura Linarol 1581
Various - Strad, Amati, Guarneri
Maggini, Gasparo da Salo
Montagnana, Ruggieri etc

Bass Violin Anon


In Snakewood with ebony fittings
with screw or clip-in or frogs
With fluting etc on request

Instruments are based on the originals listed above. Other models not listed can also be made on request.
Carved heads and extra purfling motifs are available on request.

Cases are supplied from Kingham MTM Case Co. - Prices on request.

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